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26 Interesting Things I Googled As A New Mom

Last spring, my Conny bunny and I welcomed our adorable little Harlie bug into the world and I was absolutely clueless on how to care for her. I, literally, googled EVERYTHING. Just for kicks, here are a few interesting things I have googled a couple of months after giving birth.

As a new mom navigating your way through motherhood, Google tends to be the best-friend you rely on with most of your questions and concerns. Here are the things I have Googled as a new mom. Try not to judge too harshly (because I know you’ve asked similar things) or laugh too hard (because some of the things are kind of absurd).


  • Signs a baby is hungry
  • Is nursing every 30 minutes normal?
  • What happens if a baby doesn’t burp after feeding?


  • Why is my baby more fussy at night?
  • When will my baby start sleeping through the night?
  • Can newborns sleep on their side because my baby will not sleep on her back?

Bodily Functions

  • How to make a newborn poop?
  • Breastfed baby poop pictures


  • Are babies born hungry?
  • When is my baby considered a month old?
  • Old wive’s tales about another baby coming
  • Why does my baby only want me stand and hold her?
  • When will my baby be able to see me clearly?


  • What is that white stuff floating at the top of my breastmilk?
  • Regular baby spit up vs reflux or GERD
  • Why is my baby’s head tilted?
  • Can I breastfeed if I have a cold?
  • How to prevent flat head baby syndrome
  • Signs of autism in an infant
  • Am I a good mom?

Additional Help

  • Types of baby cries
  • How to swaddle a baby
  • Do newborns need to wear a hat at home?
  • How to prevent saggy breasts after breastfeeding
  • Itchy armpits when breastfeeding
  • Month by month baby development

There were tons more, but I want to spare what’s left of my dignity. Nevertheless, thank goodness for the internet, am I right?

Leave a comment below on some things you’ve google since becoming a mom!

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