5 Tips On Rediscovering Intimacy Postpartum

You just had a baby, so you’re feeling a lot of things—exhausted, overwhelmed, hormonal… and sore. These five tips will provide you with guidance and support on postpartum intimacy to get you and your partner back in the sack.

The postpartum period can be a very trying time. You’re recovering from childbirth and adjusting to life with a newborn. Before your love life take a serious hit by the sexless elephant in the room, read on as I guide you through some tips that helped me regain bodily confidence and intimacy with my partner.

1. Relearn Your Body.

Typically, postpartum visits are around the two week mark and the six week mark. At six weeks, women are often “cleared” for sex. However, six weeks is sometimes not long enough, considering the level of difficulty for the birth of your child.

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Whether you had a cesarean or vaginal birth, it is recommended that you wait until you see your doctor to make sure that you are healed, both inside and outside. With that being said, medical clearance does not necessarily equal personal clearance.

Your body can change significantly as a result of pregnancy and delivery. Some women find their sexual experiences change, at least temporarily.  For example, it may be difficult to orgasm for months after giving birth. It is important to take time to re-connect sensually with your body alone first, before sharing this part of yourself again with your partner.

2. Communicate With Your Partner.

When you’re ready, have a sit down and talk about your healing process. The more you get off your chest, the more comfortable you’ll be when the moment comes.

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Don’t be afraid to really talk about how you’re feeling, any fears you may be having or any doubts creeping in. Your partner has your best interest at heart and will be supportive of you no matter what you say. They will most likely be a little nervous about re-initiating contact because they’re afraid to hurt you.

3. Intimacy Is The Goal.

The connection between new parents can dissipate in the consuming work and the fatigue of caring for a newborn, which is normal, but you don’t want to get completely lost in the standoff sauce.

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It is important to take this time to ignite the flame of intimacy by going on a date and end the night engaging in skin to skin contact (pun intended) by experiencing any form of touchholding hands, snuggling, etc.

4. Take. It. Slowwwww!

To help you get back in touch with your sexuality, reacquaint your body with your partner’s in a toe-curling foreplay free-for-all that may or may not lead to you being taken to pound town. However, when I say take it slow, I mean, literally, take it slow.

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It’s okay if you only feel comfortable for ten seconds or ten minutes. Go slowly and stop if you are no longer comfortable, physically or emotionally.

5. Keep The Fire Burning.

Once you and your partner find your rhythm again, it’s important to maintain the momentum of intimacy.

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Remember to take time to focus on each other as lovers, even if it’s something as simple as saying goodbye in the morning with a little kiss and caress sesh as opposed to the casual peck on the cheek.

The first year of parenthood is an emotionally intense experience of uncertainty and ever-changing expectations.

However, just because one or both of you are not in the mood for intercourse, doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to express your love for each other—talking, cuddling, wining and dining or other forms of sensual seduction… wink wink.

One more piece of advice: don’t forget the birth control, unless you’re trying to put another bun in the oven!

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