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6 R’s Of Self-Care Moms Should Know

Mothers are expected to be indestructible, altruistic superwomen who spring into action at every beck and call, all while not breaking a sweat. However, this sentiment is so unrealistic and incredibly unhealthy. So, mamas, the moment you feel a burnout brewing, refer to the six R’s of self-care.

Yes, you are a SUPER MOM! You’re an immaculate caregiver, governess, housekeeper, chef, seamstress, nurse, cheerleader, chauffeur, counselor and lawyer. You pour your blood, sweat and tears into this wonderful gift we call motherhood.

No, you are not SUPERMOM! You undergo stress, sleep-deprivation, fatigue and other forms of exhaustion as a result of feeling physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by parenting.

Although moms are strong, skilled, sensible and selfless—whether managing the household or juggling a career or caring for a child—that doesn’t mean they’re these superlative, shatterproof supremes. With that being said, the next time you feel yourself about to go into a mommy overload, remember the six R’s of self-care.

1. Relax

Pause. Take a deep breath. Stop stressing. Abandon the apprehension. Embrace your new (and improved) life as a mother and understand your journey or accomplishments should not be compared to others. Take a second to smell the roses and relish in your current stage of motherhood.

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2. Reassess

Examine your calendar of commitments. Sigh. I bet it looks exhausting. Ergo, schedule or reschedule accordingly so that you’re spending more free time with your family or yourself.

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3. Relinquish

Accept the fact that you have limitations. It is virtually impossible for you to immediately fulfill every desire and duty. For my independent mamas, this will be a hard pill to swallow, but the sooner it’s branded in your brain, the better. Liberating yourself from exclusively completing tasks—parental or otherwise—will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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4. Recount

Because you have a little one or little ones counting on you to be at your best, you never want to spread yourself too thin so converse with your partner, family and friends for assistance. It truly takes a village to raise a child so call upon your villagers for help.

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5. Rejuvenate

Spend some time tending to your personal well-being. Ensure you are enjoying fresh air, eating a balanced meals and exercising adequately. Treat yourself and take pleasure in some much needed rest and recuperation.

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6. Recommence

When you’re refreshed, renewed and restored, ease back into the swing of things. If you dive head first into the sea of responsibility, you will more than likely get caught in a tide pool of turmoil, so just begin by dipping in a toe.

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Remember mommies, you are resourceful and resilient, but even the greatest of heroes had sick-kicks. As I always say—it takes a village.

Leave a comment below on the things you do to get some R & R!

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