7 Must-Have Photos For A Smash Cake Photo Shoot

A smash cake photo shoot is an incredibly fun way to mark your baby’s first birthday. Smash cake photography is typically taken before the birthday party, so you can capture your baby’s first taste of cake without worrying about getting the perfect shot during the party, neglecting your guests, or cleaning up a cakey mess while people are still trying to enjoy themselves. Celebrate your baby’s first birthday by taking these 7 must-have smash cake photos!

1. Portraits

Take portrait photos BEFORE the cake because once the cake enters the conversation, there’s no going back. When taking the portraits, try to get a variety of photos.

Photograph the child:

  • Smiling
  • Holding a prop
  • Playing

Photograph the child from these angles:

  • full shot
  • close up
  • horizontal
  • vertical

2. Scenic

It’s always nice to have the beautiful background in your photography collection. Consider taking a few snaps of the cake, too. This could make for the perfect photograph on an invitation or card.

3. Reaction To The Cake

For many babies, this will be the first time they’ve ever been in the presence of something so delectable. It’ll be exciting to capture the moment of your curious kid seeing their first birthday cake for the very first time.

4. Baby’s First Bite

Your baby’s first bite of their birthday cake is momentous, so it’s only right to photograph the moment. It’ll be great if your baby looks at the camera, but if not, no worries.

5. Overhead

It is an absolute MUST to take a photograph from what is also referred to as a birds-eye-view. Because it’s so cute and offers a such a different perspective, it will possibly end up being your favorite photo.

6. Cake Face

Everyone and their mom knows, that every smash cake photography session must include a photograph of the baby’s cake face. However, just in case you didn’t know, now you do.

7. The Aftermath

This photo is literally the purpose of the shoot, so including it is a must. It is important to note that the cake will most likely not be destroyed because your baby will only just poke at it a bit. So, when the time comes, simply turn the smashed part of the cake around to the front and take a few photos of it with your caked-up baby. Don’t be like me and forget to turn the cake around (although, I did have an excuse…a sleep crying one-year old).

If you’re planning a smash cake photo shoot for your babe, be sure to include these 7 must-have photos in your photo shoot! Let me know how your smash cake photo shoot went in the comments below!

Have A Beautiful Day ✨

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