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Sugarless Keto: Red Velvet Cake Mix Review

Got a sugar-free sweet tooth and a lazy spell? Well, check out my full review on Sugarless Keto’s Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Frosting Mix.

Sugarless Keto’s newest cake addition is finally available for purchase. The richly-flavored crimson-colored cake is deliciously paired with their best-selling sugar-free buttercream/cream cheese frosting. The best part is that the cake mix contains no unnecessary ingredients or additives, making it the perfect cake mix for when you’re wanting a guilt-free treat!

After their ad of delectables appeared on my Instagram timeline with an enticing 10% off coupon, I was compelled to go to Sugarless Keto’s site and explore. When I arrived on the landing page, I was immediately enthusiastic about trying the Red Velvet Cake Mix, especially since Red Velvet is my favorite cake in the entire cake-i-verse. So, I purchased the cake/frosting mix Sunday, April 18th and it was in mailbox four days later. Keep reading to get all the deats on Sugarless Keto’s Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Frosting Mix.

Allergen Notice

The Red Velvet cake mix does contain tree nuts and traces of soy, so be advised when preparing and consuming.



When I first unpackaged the product, I was genuinely elated. The packaging for each mix was absolutely adorable. Because I am an absolute sucker for presentation, the hoarder in me wanted to save it in hopes of possibly repurposing it because it was so gosh darn cute. I was also happy to see that I was given a nice amount of product within each package, too.


After opening it and dispersing the contents into the mixing bowl, I was a bit stunned at how red and velvety it wasn’t. The cake mix was actually brown and chocolatey but because I’ve made red velvet cake before, I know a key component in the ingredients is cocoa powder so it wasn’t exactly a surprise for the cake to not be a bright red. However, the cake mix appeared a little too brown and smelled a little too chocolatey, so I began to suspect that I was accidentally given chocolate cake! I literally read and reread the cake pouch to verify and clarify that I was indeed given red velvet cake.

I stood at the counter contemplating for a minute before I shrugged and proceeded with mixing in the additional ingredients. Once I added in the liquids, the color began to lighten and turned a shade of magenta. I just knew by the time the cake finished baking, I’d have a purple velvet cake, but to my surprise the cake reddened in the oven!


The level of difficulty for preparing the cake was fairly easy. It honestly took no time at all to make, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Apart from dumping the mix into a bowl, you only need basic refrigerated ingredients (i.e. butter, milk, eggs). While the cake bakes, you can go ahead and whip up the vanilla frosting. The frosting literally took me 2 seconds to prepare, especially since I opted to make the butter cream version.

Taste Test

In all honesty, the cake actually tasted better than I thought. It was soft, sweet and very moist. The texture was surprisingly good, as well. It almost had the consistency of a regular cake. HOWEVER, this red velvet cake did NOT taste like red velvet cake AT ALL! Not saying it wasn’t good. It just didn’t taste like what it should have. Granted, I knew it wasn’t going to taste homemade like it was baked by my sweet aunt Lisa, but I still expected some aspect of red velvet, instead it tasted like CHOCOLATE CAKE! Being that I’m not really fond of chocolate cake, I was a bit disappointed.

Now, let’s talk about the FROSTING! The vanilla-turned butter cream frosting was some of the best keto frosting I ever tasted! I didn’t have to add anything extra, besides what was needed and it was the BOMB DOT COM! I will definitely be purchasing more for those lazy baking days. The next time I purchase the frosting, I want to try making the cream cheese version because I am a cream cheese frosting fanatic!

Final Thoughts

Even though the Sugarless Keto Red Velvet Cake Mix made to me what tastes like a chocolate cake, it was still great and got eaten. So, I give it a 5 out of 10. The buttercream frosting on the other hand gets an 8 out of 10. I didn’t give it a 10 out of 10 simply because I haven’t tasted that many keto frostings to make a comparison. In conclusion, because my experience with Sugarless Keto was fairly good, I am open to trying other mixes. I think the next dessert mix I will try from Sugarless Keto is the Best Seller Bundle that includes the Funfetti Cake Mix, Vanilla Frosting Mix and Brownie Mix.

Leave a comment below on which dessert company or recipe I should try next!

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